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Drastic slimming plan for rich people

A wealthy patient came to me because he had heard that I prescribed diets as part of my treatments. It was the first occasion that he had consulted a natural healer. He was a generously proportioned man committed to eating meat and drinking alcohol, and it was evident that he needed to lose weight.

Somewhat dramatically, after my examination and diagnosis I gave my patient an envelope. I told him to give it, sealed, to his wife. He received quite a surprise when he was served with steak, champagne and onions 3 times a day.

The instructions inside the envelope were as follows:

· bullet250g steak

bullet450g boiled onions

bullet½ bottle of champagne

3 times a day - nothing else.

He was allowed no other liquids apart from the water in which the onions were boiled. By following this slimming plan for 14-21 days, he was able to lose fat and weight without any consequent loss of energy.

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