Dr. Singha's Solutions to Common Ailments

Back pain

The main causes of back pain are:

bulletneck or hip out of alignment

bulletmalfunctioning kidneys

bulletbad body posture

bulletlifting heavy items


kidneys (lower back)

gall bladder and intestines (between the shoulders),

lungs (upper back)

SPINAL ADJUSTMENT: in the related areas




bulletstrong smelling urine


bulletdesire for salty foods

bulletinsufficient urination


bulletpain in back/shoulder muscles

bulletstiff muscles

General back pain

Take hot baths with a handful of Epsom salts added, followed by a cold shower.

Have Alexander technique lessons to correct your body posture.

Take a barley drink to strengthen the kidneys. To 3 litres of water add a cup of barley, 6 peppercorns, 6 cloves, 40 juniper berries, 6 cinnamon sticks and 6 cardamoms (black for men, white for women). Boil down to 1½ litres. Drink this preparation each day for 3 days if the pain persists.

Put a ginger compress on the painful area (see Appendix B).

Drink white willow bark tea.

Upper back pain

Eat onions to strengthen the lungs.

Hang from a cross-bar with everted then inverted hands.

Alternate cold and hot water on the spine for 3 minutes, ending with a cold shower.


Crush 40 ice cubes. Place directly on the skin in the painful area. Cover with a towel. Repeat twice a day. There are 5 stages: wet, cold, painful, burning, numbness. This treatment takes 20-30 minutes. Remove ice when numbness occurs.

Mix 1 part wintergreen oil, 1 part tea tree oil and 1 part lavender oil. Add 3 parts olive oil. Shake well before applying to the painful area. Rub in gently. This will increase the healing process. Try not to take pain killers; they can cause constipation and harm the digestive system.

Take the following vitamins: DLPA 375, PABA 500, Pantothenic Acid 500, Zinc B13 - 1 tablet of each twice a day after meals.

Have hot baths and cold showers on the spine. Continue for 14 days.


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