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Breathing Problems





upper cervical 1-4 and thoracic 5-7

Many people with breathing difficulties believe that their problem is one of inhalation. I suggest that the problem is rather one of exhalation. Most people use only one-third of their lungs, retaining stale air. They attempt to inhale more air before the stale air has been completely expelled.

Asthmatic people often become anxious and gasp for breath before having emptied their lungs. They are well advised to seek training in how to breathe properly. A change of diet could also have a beneficial effect.

bulletLimit your intake of fatty foods and proteins, particularly animal proteins.

bulletEat mainly fruit, vegetables and minerals.

bulletMinimize your intake of milk and dairy products, sugar and wheat products, particularly if you show any allergy to the latter.

bulletConsult an allergy specialist or nutritionist. Discover the foods to which your body is tolerant and eat only those foods for one whole year, through all four seasons, until your body has cleared itself - Eat onions and onion soups. Onions are anticatarrhal.

Simple tissue salts and combination tissue salts are available for specific ailments. If you suffer an acute attack with extreme difficulty in breathing, try one of the following acidic drinks to relieve the tension inside your body.

bulletcider vinegar

bulletlemon and honey

bulleteffervescent vitamin C

Apart from the above advice, the most effective remedy is controlled breathing and posture. Proper body adjustment with the help of an osteopath will help to relax the body. I also recommend breathing exercises and yoga.

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