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bulletgenital herpes - lumbar 4-5

bulletoral herpes - cervical 1-2 and 5-6

There are 3 kinds of herpes:

bulletHerpes simplex - blisters on the lips during a cold

bulletHerpes zoster - within the nervous system

bulletHerpes genitalis - on the private parts

They all stem from the same kind of infection and occur when the body is too alkaline, even though we need a slightly alkaline body to avoid most diseases. The disadvantage of excessive alkalinity is a propensity towards ulcers, arthritis and herpes. There seems to be some truth in the idea that herpes is caused by the chicken pox vaccination, which is a weakened form of the virus.

With the onset of herpes on the lips or genitals, try eating broccoli steamed in a little water with soy sauce and lemon. Eat nothing else for 1 or 2 days until the attack has stopped. Thereafter concentrate on strengthening your immune system.

For breakfast eat 4 grilled oranges and nothing for 2 hours thereafter. Have a cold sitz bath for 3 minutes before bed.