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Kidney stones


bulletlumbar 2-3-4


bulletlower backache

bulletstrong smelling urine, from proteins and other deposits



bulletspasm in the lower back

bulletchange in perspiration

bulletacute pains in the lower back and kidney area

bulletbrittle hair and nails


bulletdesire for salt


Food enters the bloodstream through hepatic veins and the villi in the small intestines. The blood is filtered in the liver before circulating through the lungs, where the blood is infused with oxygen before moving on to the heart. The blood then leaves the heart via the aorta to the kidneys where it is purified. The liver filters out toxins of food, alcohol and bacteria, and stores glycogen to convert into glucose when needed. The kidneys ensure hormonal balance (sexual hormones), maintain electrolyte balance (mineral balance), and control the blood sugar via the adrenal glands.

Kidney stones form when the kidneys fail to filter properly or as a result of nephritis.


Take 60g of fresh vine leaves and make tea from them. Drink 3 cups daily. This should dissolve the stones. It can be a most painful experience when the stones emerge. To release the tension, hold a *ginger compress around the painful area, which is right and left of the spine at lumbar 1 and thoracic 12.

If vine leaves are not available, make 6 litres of watermelon juice. (Use the entire watermelon, including the green parts, but not the skin or the seeds.) Boil down to 3 litres and drink all of it in 1 day.

Have a cold sitz bath before going to bed.

On rising, take the juice of 1 lemon in a cup of hot water.


Boil 1 tablespoon dandelion (from the herbalist) in 500ml of water until 125ml is left. Combine equal amounts of the following juices to make 375ml:






Mix the juice with the reduced dandelion water and the juice of a lemon. Drink 1½ litres a day.

*Click this link to find out how to make a ginger compress