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bulletin the mouth - painful white coating on the tongue

bulleton the genitals - redness, itching, a creamy discharge

Thrush can occur in the mouth or on the genitals. It can sometimes be an imi-nune deficiency reaction (the immune system reacting in a defective manner) following the intake of antibiotics.

If thrush moves internally from the tongue to the large intestine, you may find the following prescription useful. (Thuja is available from healthfood stores or homoeopathic chemists.)

Take 1 dose of thuja 200D every night for 7 days, 1 dose of thuja CM on the 8th day, and 1 dose of thuja 6D each morning and evening for 7 days thereafter.


bulletTake a cold sitz bath for 3 minutes before going to bed.

bulletExclude all sugar from your diet.

bulletTake 1 tablet of Coenzyme QIO a day.

bulletDrink a fresh fruit juice and a revitalization juice on alternate days.