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BODY ORGANS: bonemarrow, spleen, kidneys


VAGUE SYMPTOMS: lack of energy, palor, dull eyes, fatigue, lethargy, difficulty in running and breathing

DISCOMFORT: wounds take longer to heal, cramps, indigestion, insomnia

IS-EASE: halitosis, strong smelling urine

Anaemia indicates that there is insufficient haemoglobin in the body. Ferrum (iron) pills are not a general solution because they cause constipation. I recommend instead homoeopathic tissue salts Ferr. Phos. D6. (This treatment - referred to hereafter as 'tissue salts' - was originated by Dr Schuessler in the last century and has since gained a world-wide reputation for its effectiveness in stimulating blood circulation and cell reproduction.) Or eat beetroot to stimulate movement in your bowels; it is a healthier solution. If there is a haemolytic disease in the body - you'll need a blood test to check - then this treatment is insufficient.

Provided that your anaemia is not pernicious and you have, no other chronic blood disease, the following juice will be helpful.


Make 375ml from equal amounts of the following juices:


raw beetroot



Add 125ml of spring water with a pinch each of salt, ground black pepper and ground roasted cumin seeds. Cumin powder is very digestible and helps to balance the beetroot which is very earthy and difficult to digest. Chewing 25g of parsley will maximize the effect of this juice, which you should drink twice a day.

In addition, eat mackerel, oysters, sardines, walnuts and broccoli, which are all rich in zinc. Try to eat more green vegetables; they are rich in chlorophyll and will help generally.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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