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Angina pectoris

BODY ORGANS: spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder

SPINAL ADJUSTMENT: thoracic 1-2, 4-10 and cervical 4-5-6-7

VAGUE SYMPTOMS: burping, tightness in the chest, tingling in the little finger

DISCOMFORT: lethargy, dry mouth, heavy head, constipation

DIS-EASE: high cholesterol, dysfunction of small intestines

Angina pectoris can develop over a long period of time with only the vaguest of symptoms. By the time it has been diagnosed, your digestive system will have suffered much abuse. Overloading the digestive system puts significant pressure on the heart muscles. Sudden angina can be triggered by stress, shocks, overeating or bad breathing habits. Angina pectoris manifests as a shooting pain in the chest.

Provided that angina pectoris is not due specifically to digestive problems and you have no ulcers or chronic heart disease, I recommend the following juice.


Make 375ml from equal amounts of the following juices:




In 500ml of water boil 25g hawthorn berries and 25g lily of the valley leaves until 125ml is left. When cooled add to the fresh juice. Drink twice a day until symptoms abate.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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