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BODY ORGANS: stomach, kidneys


VAGUE SYMPTOMS: aches and pains in various places, difficulty in bending and stretching

Generically, arthritis refers to inflammation of the bones. There are a number of forms: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid spondylitis, to name just a few, but rheumatoid arthritis is probably the most painful.

Arthritis is caused by an over-production of acid which is deposited in the joints in the form of crystals. Treatment aims to completely eliminate these crystals without causing damage to the body. I recommend a potato peel diet.


Boil 1kg of 12mm-thick potato peelings in 3½ litres of water. Mash them and eat nothing else for at least 7 days, drinking lots of hot water at the same time. This diet provides dramatic, sudden relief. Avoid aspirin-based tablets during this period. Follow this diet by eating only raw food for 28 days. The two diets should relieve the acute pain and result in the body functioning more effectively.

After the two diets (7 days and 28 days), continue to eat only non-protein food. If you require protein, eat only vegetable proteins such as lentils, legumes and soya beans. Avoid eating eggs, poultry and, most definitely, red meat. If your desire for protein proves irresistible eat sea fish, but avoid the scavengers such as prawns, shrimps and shellfish.

It is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before commencing this diet and allow him or her to supervise you during the 5 weeks of self-treatment.

In addition to the above diets, the discomfort of arthritis can be further minimized by taking hot baths containing 500g of Epsom salts, 500g of sea salt and 125g of bicarbonate of soda. Having the bath as hot as you can bear it for 20-30 minutes, adding hot water every 5 minutes, enables all the pores to open fully. Follow this bath with a cold shower to close the pores. Go directly to bed after drying the body. The sweating will help dispel excessive acid from the body.

While osteoarthritis is difficult to treat with juices, rheumatoid arthritis can certainly be helped during the early stages.


Make 500inl from equal amounts of the following juices:



raw beetroot

cucumber (with skin)

Drink undiluted on an empty stomach and at the same time chew and eat 100g of ripe pineapple.


The best way to prevent a chronic disease such as arthritis is to ensure that you eat balanced meals. An effective diet contains 80 per cent alkaline-forming and 20 per cent acid-forming foods. Remember the general rule - food that is acid/sour before eating becomes alkaline when digested. Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline-forming. Berries are acid-forming. Grains are acid-forming with the exception of millet. Fizzy drinks, coffee, black tea and beverages are all acid-forming. Water, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and herb teas are alkaline-forming. This diet has a preventative effect; try it from time to time if you are prone to arthritis.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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