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Athlete's Foot





lumbar plexus, lumbar 2-5, thoracic 3-4-5, cervical 1-4

Eat 500g of ripe plums for breakfast for 21 days. This diet will stimulate and cleanse the colon. It will also have an effect on the lungs and improve breathing.

Change vour socks every day. The material should be pure wool, cotton or silk.

Do not wear the same shoes more than once every 3 days.

Wear leather soles for 1 year (no rubber soles during this period).

Wash your feet and toes each evening with 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar added to a cup of water.

Dab each toe with liquid honey, bandage and keep on overnight.

Avoid powder on the feet, rubber shoes for 3-5 years, red meat, hydrocortisone or betnovate creams.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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