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Burns are described according to their severity, first, second or third degree. Regardless of the degree of burn, Arnica D6 taken internally wiII help counteract shock.

A slight burn which reddens the skin is a first-degree burn. This could be the result of sunburn or of having touched something hot. In order to take the heat out of the skin, direct application of potato peel, yoghurt, witch hazel or bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water is effective.

A second-degree burn is more serious, with burns over a larger area of skin. The most effective initial response is to apply running water for about 10 minutes, and then apply crushed ice. It is important that the ice is placed directly on the skin and not put in a plastic bag. Leave the ice in place until the whole area feels numb. This will take at least 20 minutes. Do not apply any creams. They protect the skin with a cover and in so doing prevent the heat from leaving the skin, which will then blister. It would be more effective to cover the burnt area with bio-yoghurt. Leave it in place until the pain has completely dispersed. It may be necessary to change the yoghurt once or twice. If the burn is very serious, apply cool tofu and cover with a bandage. When the tofu becomes warm, change the bandage. Should the burn leave an open wound, apply cold-pressed natural honey. The honey-covered wound can be covered with a plaster for 48 hours. Avoid water coming into contact with the affected area. This treatment will usually not leave any scars. Vitamin E capsules will help the fragile skin to heal and strengthen. Open the capsules and apply the oil directly to the skin.

A third-degree burn is very serious. It means that the burnt area is large and the person is in a state of shock. The affected area can be treated with pure, cold-pressed liquid honey. Ensure that the burnt area is not wet. It is essential to seek medical help.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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