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Diarrhoea is nature's way of getting rid of food which your system has reacted to. It is therefore a cure rather than an illness.

The best commonly available remedy is very soft white bread, preferably freshly baked. Take the inside from a loaf and roll into 10-15 small balls of 2.5cm diameter. Dip the balls into live yoghurt and swallow without chewing. This should stop the diarrhoea immediately.

Another effective remedy is fenugreek powder. Use 1 teaspoon of the powder mixed into a cup of water. Drink 2-3 cups.

A third cure to stop diarrhoea is apples. Remove the skin and cores, chop finely and boil in a little water. Eat nothing else for 24 hours and do not take any drugs or you will suffer the reverse effect - constipation.

Drink carbonated (fizzy) drinks, mint tea, camomile tea, or watercress tea. Boil chopped up watercress in water and drink. The sulphur in watercress is particularly beneficial. It purifies the blood and is effective in clearing out the system and strengthening the liver.

I can also recommend charcoal tablets, known in homoeopathy as Carbo. veg.

A final more general remedy consists of mixing 1 teaspoon of finely grated ginger with 20 drops of soy sauce in a cup of hot water.

If the diarrhoea does not stop within 24 hours after you have tried one or more of the above cures, consider seeking professional assistance.


Make 375ml from equal amounts of the following juices:





bulletraspberry (from fresh or frozen fruit)

Boil 1 tablespoon dried blackberries (from herbalist) in 500ml of water until125ml remains. Add a pinch of salt and nutmeg and 1 level teaspoon fenugreek powder. Mix with the juice and drink 1-1½ litres a day.


ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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