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bullet thoracic 5-8, lumbar 2-5 and sacrum



bulletskin discoloration


bulletrash from washing powder, solvents or detergents

bulletpain from tick bites




Eczema is a common word for different forms of skin irritation. It can describe eczema caused by environmental conditions, skin rash or heat eczema. The skin should be acidic and not alkaline. If it is too alkaline it becomes hospitable to various diseases.

In order to increase the acidity of the skin, bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). Or pour a cup of organic cider vinegar into the bath. Also use less soap. Buy pH-neutral products. Experiment with different washing detergents and ensure that you do not touch them with your bare hands.

The skin is directly connected to the lungs and assists in the breathing process. When you fail to breathe properly through the lungs the skin will try to eliminate what the lungs and colon have failed to expel.

Many people who have breathing problems are apprehensive. Learn to relax and breathe out more effectively, expelling the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from your system. Cleansing the system generally will assist to cleanse away the eczema.

Find out if you have used any creams which contain hydrocortisone, which could well still be in your system. These are best eliminated by an effective diet or fast. External relief can be gained from cream that contains vitamins A, D and E, echinecea or cassia cream, but check it does not contain any hydrocortisone.

If the eczema causes oozing with itching and pus, consult a physician.



ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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