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bulletlumbar 3-4-5 and coccyx

Haemorroids are caused by a faulty valve in the veins in the lower bowel; the veins then swell with blood and form grapes. When the bowels do not move and pressure in the abdomen blocks the blood circulation, trouble begins.


Avoid constipation. Each day eat 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks and add 1 teaspoon of slippery elmto a cold drink to keep the bowels moving.

Sometimes haemorrhoids are caused by asthma, bronchitis or other stresses in the body. They can be either external (in the anus area) or internal (in the anus).


External: Make a poultice from boiled potatoes mashed with some butter. Sleep with the poultice in contact with the problem area throughout the night.

Internal: Symptoms include itching and painful defecation. Inject into the rectum with a syringe the following mixture:

bullet50ml olive oil - cold pressed

bullet50ml filtered lemon juice

If haemorrhoids bleed, insert 6 ice cubes into the rectal opening. Retain them there as long as you can bear it.


ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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