Cold sitz bath (or hip bath)

Fill a sitz bath with suffiecient cold water so that when you sit in it, the water reaches your belly button (umbilicus). Sit in the bath for 3 minutes maximum, while hanging your legs over the side. Rub yourself dry vigorously with a large, warm towel and go straight to bed.

Caution: Women should not take a cold sitz bath while menstruating. In the acute stage of a bladder infection a cold sitz bath will not be beneficial.

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bullet pelvis


bulletfear and apprehension


bulletMasturbate (but do not ejaculate) twice a day for 28 days. After 28 days masturbate once a day for 56 days. Thereafter try sex with a partner, but avoid sex during the 84 days of masturbation.

bulletEat cream cheese with celery and resist wheat and red meat.

bulletImprove pelvic circulation and have a cold sitz bath for 3 minutes before bed.

bulletEat l00g of pumpkin seeds a day.

bulletEat 10 oysters 3 times a week. If vou are a vegetarian, eat more broccoli, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

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