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Liver Problems


bulletbitter taste in the mouth




bulletpressure in the solar plexus area

bulletno appetite

bulletlack of energy

bulletoversensitivity to fatty foods

The liver is our second largest organ (the skin is the largest), and is the only organ that can regenerate itself. Like a lizard which has had its tail cut off, the liver can recreate part of itself. But once the liver has cirrhosis and the cells have become fibrous, it loses its regenerative capability. However, given sufficient time, even fibrous liver cells, such as occur in hepatitis, can be repaired.

The main functions of the liver are: the storage and metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and glucose; the detoxification of foreign invaders and toxins that the body itself produces; the production of bile; the provision of iron for blood cell production; the storage of blood and glycogen; and the purification of bacterial invaders. The liver also divides nutritional sources into deposits, material for bile, and waste products. It resolves the problems of putrefaction when food becomes fermented and stale.

The liver is therefore a most important organ. Sometimes it can become inflamed. Any monofast consisting of a single fruit or vegetable, or their juices, will bring relief to an infected liver. Grapes and plums provide the best relief.

Quite remarkably, the liver is 1½ degrees higher in temperature than the rest of the body. It also helps maintain body temperature. The liver depends upon the kidneys to filter minerals. When the kidneys fail to perform this function properly the work-load of the liver is doubled. (See the entry for kidney stones.)

The liver can also be poisoned by the colon if elimination is incomplete. It is therefore important to ensure that the bowels function efficiently.

Drink the following juice when discomfort occurs, in order to maintain the functions of the liver.


Take 1 tablespoon of dandelion with roots (from a herbalist) and boil in 500ml of water until 125ml remains. Add 375ml of equal amounts of the following juices:


bulletraw beetroot


bulletradishes (with leaves)

Drink l½ litres a day.

Avoid fatty foods and alcohol.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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