Cold sitz bath (or hip bath)

Fill a sitz bath with suffiecient cold water so that when you sit in it, the water reaches your belly button (umbilicus). Sit in the bath for 3 minutes maximum, while hanging your legs over the side. Rub yourself dry vigorously with a large, warm towel and go straight to bed.

Caution: Women should not take a cold sitz bath while menstruating. In the acute stage of a bladder infection a cold sitz bath will not be beneficial.

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Menopausal Problems







bulletlower thoracic and upper lumbar

Hormonal balance can be achieved with the help of natural remedies. Once this is achieved, the body is better equipped to take care of itself. Hormone tablets are unnecessary if you think of the menopause in terms of freedom rather than bondage.


bulletHave a cold sitz bath for 3 minutes every night before going to bed. Rub yourself dry with a warm towel.

bulletHave foot massages, concentrating on the reflex points for the kidneys and spleen.

bulletEat more broccoli, cos lettuce and pumpkin seeds.

bulletSeek further advice on the use and benefits of vitamins and herbs from a herbalist or healing practitioner.

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