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Verrucas & Warts





bulletupper thoracic - to improve the operation of the lungs


A verruca is a form of skin irritation. It is a single root fungus which usually attacks the fingers and toes. It occurs when the outer skin is too alkaline and not entirely clean. Lowered resistance increases the likelihood of infection.

The first way to deal with a verruca is to make the skin acidic by having an Epsom salts baths. Then clean the entire area with cider vinegar. Once a verruca begins to spread it is difficult to contain and becomes most painful.


The simplest and most effective remedy is baked onion. Bake a small onion, remove the centre and put the onion on the verruca. Allow the onion to foment to your tolerance limit. Leave it in place overnight. Repeat each day for 3-5 days.

Another good remedy is tincture of thuja, which you can buy from any healthfood store or homoeopathic chemist. Apply before going to bed. It will help to increase the acidity of the skin. Remember that for a healthy balance the skin needs to be acidic and the inside of the body slightly alkaline.

Verrucas on the feet are particularly difficult to deal with because pressure is applied to them constantly. The only solution is to have a chiropodist remove the root. Once this has been done, consider the following recommendations.


bulletChange your socks twice a day.

bulletChange your shoes frequently (wear the same pair only once every 4 days).

bulletDo not wear rubber-soled shoes (they prevent the feet from breathing adequately).


Mash ripe banana into a pulp, apply to the verruca and cover with a plaster. Alternatively, use unheated liquid honey. It is important to keep the plaster on for 48 hours, so do not allow the foot to get wet when you shower or bath during this period. After removing the plaster, wash the verruca with cider vinegar.


Apply your saliva to the warts as many times as possible during the day. You can also put crushed garlic on them, held in place with a plaster. Alternatively, use the juice from a fresh mango or papaya.


Boil 1 tablespoon of dandelion roots and leaf (from a herbalist) in 500ml water and reduce to 125ml. Add to 375ml of equal amounts of the following juices:


bulletmustard cress

bulletcos lettuce



Add a pinch each of salt, black pepper and mustard powder and 1 teaspoon of paprika.


Apply thuja tincture 4 times a day until the wart has vanished.

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