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The Circulatory Lymphatic System
Blood-Purifying Diet

The circulatory system deals with distribution. The heart pumps oxygen and nutrients to the body cells via the blood and blood vessels. The blood vessels also transport carbon dioxide (CO2) and waste products from the cells. Body temperature and the acid/alkaline balance of the body is regulated by the blood. The blood is also able to protect the body by its ability to thicken and clot in an emergency.

The lymphathic system has a separate system of pathways that run throughout the entire body. The spleen, thymus, appendix, tonsils and lymph nodes are linked by this system. These organs filter the blood, keeping it clear of bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and ensure the cleansing of white blood cells in the spleen. Proteins are returned to the cardiovascular system via the lymphatic system.


Detoxification takes place in the liver. One of the best ways to stimulate a liver detox is to follow a diet of grilled oranges, which are antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, and contain large amounts of vitamins C and P When both these vitamins are combined they form a new vitamin called bioflavanoid complex, which has a positive powerful impact on the immune system. When you grill or bake an orange, the pith becomes very mushyand mingles with the flesh; this pap is the mostpotent part. Cut the oranges in half and place them onthe grill with the insides facing the heat. Grill until the flesh starts to turn brown, as if cinnamon had been sprinkled on it.

In addition to its detoxifying effect, this diet is also beneficial for shingles and the treatment of hepatitis A, B and C.

When the liver is unable to detoxify the system effectively, disease can be expressed as herpes, HIV, hepatitis or non-specific urethritis (NSU) - various forms of expression of a partial breakdown in the immune system.

Many people carry the TB virus without suffering from tuberculosis. This could be proven relatively easily by testing the saliva of a crosssection of the population. Conversely, there is a reasonable possibility that a number of people in hospital tuberculosis wards are not TB virus carriers. Confusingly, and controversially, the presence of a virus is not synonymous with the expression of disease - HIV, for example, does not lead to immediate death and is therefore unlikely to be the sole cause of Aids, although in the end most HIV carriers are likely to succumb to it.

Diagnosis of the virus does not always result in the medical prognosis based on that diagnosis, regardless of the faith that we place in the diagnosis/prognosis paradigm favoured by our medical establishment.

Blood-purifying diet

For the first 7 days grill 16 oranges a day. Drink plenty of hot water while eating the oranges. For a further 14 days grill 4 oranges a day at breakfast time. Eat plenty of raw foods during the day. You may also drink nettle tea. Do not mix fruits with vegetables.

Then for 90 days eat grilled oranges for breakfast. At other meals eat 70 per cent of your food raw and 30 per cent cooked. Do not eat any red meat, sugar or wheat, or drink any milk. Drink 4 cups of dandelion coffee and 2 cups of nettle tea a day. Eat plenty of plums, kiwi fruit, red onions, cos (Romaine) lettuce and broccoli - when in season.


1. Ensure you get plenty of relaxation and sleep, and take easy walks.

2. Give yourself a few drops of TLC (tender loving care) 4 times a dav.

3. Try a dry (friction) bath in the morning and a hot Epsom salts bath (500g) at night. Dead Sea salt baths are also effective.


ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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