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Banana Diet for Candida

For 7 days eat 2 rotten overripe black bananas (mashed and with a pinch of pepper) with 250g of bioyoghurt every 2 hours, or eat 4 rotten overripe bananas (mashed and with a pinch of pepper) with 500g of bioyoghurt every 4 hours. Remember to drink plenty of hot water.

For breakfast on the next 21 days eat 2 rotten overripe mashed bananas with 250g bioyoghurt and some added pepper. Eat nothing else for 2 hours afterwards. Eat only cooked vegetables during the day, Drink hot water and herb tea. Avoid other drinks, especially stimulants such as coffee, tea, Coca Cola.

For the next 2 months eat 2 rotten bananas with 250g of bioyoghurt (with a pinch of pepper) for breakfast. Wait for 2 hours before eating any other food. For all other meals eat 70 per cent cooked food and 30 per cent raw.

During the whole 3 months avoid the following

bulletmilk, sugar, wheat and red meat

bulletyeast in any shape or form - fermented products such as beer, alcohol and cheese and yeast spreads like Marmite (some vitamin supplements, particularly -vitamin B, contain brewer's yeast)


1. After the first 7 days eat 1 papaya a day and chew 20 black papaya seeds.

2. Take 2 capsules of caprilic acid a day.

3. Drink at least 3 cups of coconut milk a week.

4. Eat more garlic, leeks, red onions, cos (Romaine) lettuce, chives, celery tops and turnip tops.

5. Learn how to breathe out properly. Massage your abdomen when sitting on the toilet.

6. Have a reflexology foot massage to stimulate the lungs and colon.

7. Be tickled for 5 minutes, increasing to 10 a day. Buy funny videos and play them for half an hour a day at least 3 times a week.

8. Dance naked to fast music in front of a mirror for 10 minutes, then laugh until your stomach hurts.

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