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Three Day Fast & Cleanse

Daily schedule

8.15 750ml of mineral water.

9.00 750ml of mineral water.

10.00 Weak green China tea or dandelion coffee.

13.00 juice of an orange in a glass of hot water.

16.00 juice of an orange in a glass of hot water, or a cup of green vegetable water (made by simmering various root and green vegetables in water for about half an hour).

19.00 Same as 16.00.

21.00 Same as 16.00.

On the third day drink the juice of 3 apples at 17.00 and of about 200g grapes at 18.00.

At the end of the fast, avoid greasy food, meat, cheese and beans to begin with. Eat only salads and fruit, crackers, or grains such as rice, millet, buckwheat. Chew every morsel slowly to avoid overeating.


If you lack roughage and fibre in your diet, and are imbibing only juices and broth, the bowels become inactive and can stop working. An enema in these circumstances may be helpful - but not always! If after three days on a fast, you have not had a bowel movement, try a coffee enema (see below). This is very stimulating and cleansing. One enema is enough to clean the colon. Do not repeat once movement is restored to the bowels. Prolonged constipation vall eventually cause auto-intoxication as the colon reabsorbs accumulated toxins. In general, thin people tend not to require enemas because their systems are usually very airy and not stagnant. Conversely, people with more generous amounts of body fat are more likely to require an enema since excess fat tends to imply a more sluggish system.


See below for coffee enema, or take I tablespoon olive oil in 750ml lukewarm water. If you suffer from excess toxicity make an enema from comfrey tea.

Coffee Enema: Mix 2 tablespoons of ground coffee witb 1½ litres of water. Boil down to 1 litre and filter. Use for an enema when it is lukewarm. With a gravity-fed tube and nozzle, hold the coffee inside your bowels for 15 minutes while massaging your abdomen gently in an anticlockwise motion. Then defecate or expel the fluid gently.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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