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In a monofast only one kind of fruit or vegetable is eaten. This both cleanses the body and allows the stomach to rest (because no proteins and fats are eaten, there is no requirement for hydrochloric acid and bile, which digest and emulsify these foods in the stomach). The body utilizes all that we eat in the form of glucose, and all fructose is changed to glucose by a relatively easy digestive process.

The best fasts are with plums, grapes, kiwa fruit, papaya, custard apples or watermelons. The best juices are from root vegetables like carrots, beetroot, celery and celery tops. Follow this diet for 7-21 days and drink plenty of hot water.

- For the colon eat soft pears, plums, papaya (with seeds), onion soup, apples (with seeds).

- For the kidneys and heart eat watermelons or grapes.

- For the liver eat grilled oranges or ripe pineapple.

- For the stomach eat apples (without seeds).

- For all organs eat peaches, apricots (including the kernel) and nectarines (but only ripe ones).

- To strengthen the body eat mangoes, papaya and grapes.


Apricot kernels in large amounts can be poisonous.

ayurveda mixing bowl health symbol

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