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Non-vegetarian cleansing diet
for non-alergic people

This simple but delicious diet will improve your sensibility to quality food - provided you follow the guidelines below:

bulletTake your meals regularly and avoid hurrying.

bulletAim to take frequent small meals (large meals are always bad).

bulletAvoid taking meals when you are tired or cold (lie down, rest and get warm first).

bulletEat and chew thoroughly.

bulletDo not read or do anything else while eating (it interferes with the digestive process).

bulletDo not use tinned or preserved food, use only fresh items.

bulletUse garlic, ginger, red onions and seasonings to make the food more tasty.

bulletEnsure all food is fresh and, if possible, organic (including meat). You can eat or drink any of the following:


Milk (prepared in any way - custard, well-cooked milk puddings, milky soups), plain cream, cream soups, butter, eggs (lightly cooked), yoghurt.


Boiled, steamed or baked, but not fried. Chicken or game should be well cooked, but not fried.


Potatoes (well-cooked or mashed), cauliflower together with its greens, spinach, carrots (well-cooked or sieved), tomatoes (fresh or cooked).


If raw, with skins and seeds and not the pips. If cooked, always sieve.


Ryebread, crackers, rice, maize, cassava.


Drink sparingly vath meals: weak maté tea, dandelion coffee with milk, freshly prepared fruit juices, and a small quantity of light wine with dinner or supper. Avoid cheap wines. Take plenty of water between meals


Avoid meat soups and rich gravies, twice-cooked meat (leftovers), madeup dishes, pork and all tough meat.


Avoid salmon, sardines, dried fish.


Use spices, pepper, vinegar, relishes, pickles, sauces and biochemical salt. Learn how to use Indian and Chinese herbs and spices.

Menu suggestions


Tea or coffee, 1 crispbread with butter.

Tea or coffee, whenever mentioned, should be taken without milk and sugar.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs; 1 cracker with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Tomato soup; roast joint, cauliflower or chicory, parsnips; baked pineapple pudding or fresh fruit.

Dinner: Baked fish (halibut or herring), lettuce and leek salad; blue cheese, butter, 1 ciispbread; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Grilled bacon and tomato, 1 cracker with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Melon; grilled (rare) steak, green salad; pears baked in cider, cream.

Dinner: Lamb chop, tomatoes and green vegetables, 1 medium-sized potato, cream cheese, roasted almonds, 1 ciispbread or cracker; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Poached haddock, 1 crispbread with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: White vegetable soup; baked liver and bacon, carrots, green vegetables.

Dinner: Grapefruit or orange; baked gammon or lamb kebabs, parsley, spinach; peaches; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Boiled egg, 1 cracker or crispbread with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Stuffed tomatoes, cheese salad; baked oranges.

Dinner: Fruit juice; curried lamb stew, chutney, 1 tablespoon boiled white or brown rice, tomato and onion salad; fresh fruit; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Grilled kipper, 1 crispbread with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Grapefruit; minced lamb or mutton, green vegetables; cream cheese with celery sticks, 1 crispbread with butter.

Dinner: Bone-marrow broth; Scotch eggs or cold meat, salad; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Grilled sausages or bacon, 1 crispbread with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Egg mayonnaise; baked haddock, peas or green beans, tomatoes; fresh fruit.

Dinner: Watercress and mustard soup; omelette with meat or musbrooms, or mutton hotpot, I small potato; carob sweet; tea or coffee.


Breakfast: Gammon or mushrooms, 1 ciispbread with butter; tea or coffee.

Lunch: Tomato juice; fried sweetbreads, onions, green vegetables; baked apple and cream.

Dinner: Pear and lettuce salad; lamb chop, green vegetables, peppers; nut cream and honey; tea or coffee.


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