recalcifier, more nutritious than cow's mflk and 100 per cent superior
TASTE: bitter or sweet
ELEMENT: earth

Nutritional value

bulletrich in calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A
bulletcontain 59 per cent fat, 2l per cent protein

Did you know?

75-100g of almonds eaten daily will supply you with all the protein your body requires. It can be used as a substitute for meat or milk. Almond milk (see recipe below) is highly nutritious, but the shn has irritating properties and should not be eaten. It is best to soak almonds overnight and blanch and peel them the next morning. Almonds do not decay if they are kept dry because they contain no putrefactive bacteria. Their emollient properties allay irritation of the skn and alleviate swelling and pain. This makes them an acceptable ingredient in cosmetics.

Beneficial in the treatunent of

bulletcolon and bowel problems - can lessen the putrefactive effect of many foods
asthma and skn diseases, which can be provoked by cow's milk, eggs and meat - act as an antidote
bullettyphoid fever
bulletsecondary anaernia
bulletdisturbances of gastric motility and secretion
bulleturic acid diathesis
bulletkidney disease
bulletperitonic irritation
bulletweak muscles, nerves and brain

Almonds mixed with figs are an instant laxative if chewed thoroughly.

Sweet Almonds

Natural therapeutic effects

bulletantiputrefactive, tonic
bulletThey are beneficial in the treatrnent of osteoporosis and when extra calcium is needed, for example:
bulletduring the menopause
bulletfor children durlng growth
bulletto heal a broken bone


225g of sweet almonds will produce between 1 and 1½ litres ol rriilk. Soak overnight, blanch, peel and blend into a paste and add water. The liquid will then have the same structure as milk and can be processed irrto curd or butter.

Bitter almonds

bulletstrengthen the immune system, anticancerous, blood-purifier

Natural therapeutic effect


They contain cyanide, which is what gives them their bitter taste. They are useful in the treatment of cancer because they inhibit the growth of random cells. Bitter almonds also have calming properties.

Almond oil

Almond oil is used for earache, especially when it has been brought on by a cold, draughts or rheumatism. Put 7-8 drops into one ear and the next day the same quantity into the other ear. Syringe each ear the day after inserting the drops.
Tumours that generate great heat (inflammation) should be rubbed softly with alrnond oil. It will have a cooling effect.
For lung inflammation take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

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