blood-purifier, cooked apples are good for diarrhoea

Nutritional value

Rich in potassium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin G

Abundant source of vitamins A, C, Bl, niacine and panthothenic acid

1 litre of apple juice contains 3-4½g of minerals

Did you know?

The large amount of phosphorus contained in apples makes them valuable as brain and nerve food, especially in cases of nervous exhaustion. They help 'brain' workers to stay clear and relaxed. Vitamin C is found in the skin of the apple.

Apples and pears are the only fruit that reveal a pentagonal shape in the centre when cut open. Each star contains a seed which is rich in arsen, a blood purifier. When you chew the seeds they will taste like almonds. Eating them will aid your digestion of the apple. But be careful. A cupful of apple seeds is sufficient to cause death.

Sour cooking apples are a useful appetiser. Cut them into slices and add salt and pepper. As an hors-d'oeuvre they will generate saliva and stimulate your appetite.

The most nutritious apples are custard apples, which are very sweet and filling.

Natural therapeutic effect: Cleansing

Beneficial in the treatment of: Sluggish bowels - cooking apples contain pectin, which absorbs excess water in the intestines and forms a solution that stimulates the bowels. Diarrhoea after eating apples is a sign that the cleansing process has started. Caution: a raw apple diet will usually produce intestinal catarrh and dysentery.

Burns - if you do not have a potato, tofu or honey and you suffer a first degree burn, cut a slice of apple and put it on the burn immediately. Hold it in place with a plaster. The apple will prevent the burn from blistering arthritic complaints and gout - apples are rich in citric and malic acid, which have the ability to neutralize excessive acidity in the blood. Apple skins are useful to minimize an excessive level of uric acid in the blood.

bulletKidney disorders and skin afflictions - the large amounts of potassium salts in apples have a diuretic effect.

bullet Kidney stones - cider is recommended as a preventative.

bulletHypertension - apples reduce the sodium content in the tissues, thereby reducing hypertension and blood pressure.

bulletHigh blood cholesterol - apples minimize the appetite and thereby lower blood cholesterol.

bulletInebriation, dyspepsia, weak digestion, headaches, biliousness, autointoxication and constipation.

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