has the highest vitamin E content of all fruits
TASTE: Sweet

Nutritional value:

Rich in phosphorus, sulphur and chlorine

High vitamin E content in the fruit oil

High content of iron and copper, potassium and sodium

Did you know?

Avocados contain everything a human body needs apart from vitamin C. (Only olives contain a comparable amount of fat.) The vitamin A they contain maintains a resistance against bacterial infection.

The exceptionally high amount of fat (25-30 per cent) will over-stimulate the gall bladder if you eat too many, because as soon as you eat fat, bile rushes into the duodenum.

Avocados are useful for people who want to increase weight: eat 1-2 a day. The sugars can be directly absorbed with minimal digestion.

The protein in an avocado is superior to cereal protein. The pulp of the fruit can be mixed with water and used as a substitute for milk. It is fibreless and makes a fine emulsion. It can safely be given to babies. In quality the avocado is superior to meat because it is free of bacteria. If you desire longevity, include avocados in your diet.

Beneficial in the treatment of:

bulletDigestive disorders


bulletColitis, biliousness


bulletIntestinal putrefaction - remember, it contains no bacteria

bulletHyperacidity and sour stomach - use well-ripened papaya @th avocado as a basic diet


bulletGall bladder diseases

bulletDuodenal ulcers - because they are soothing to the membranes and pass quickly into the intestines

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