their highly nutritious value Makes them an excellent fruit for monofasts to purify the entire body system
TASTE: Sweet

Nutritional value:

bulletlarge amount of potassium, low amount of sodium

bulletcontain vitamins A, Bl, B2, C and a large amount of glycids

bulletrich in pure glucose

Did you know?

Grapes are immensely valuable as a healing fruit . They are rich in glucose, which is pure energy to the body. The glucose also supplies the heart vath energy and strengthens the heart and its muscles. Grapes contain tartaric acid and malic acid. Tartaric acid stimulates the intestines.

As with many fruits, most of the benefits - minerals and vitamin B are just under the skin. Grapes should be eaten, not just consumed as juice. The white grapes are richer in vitamins and are a better food in the morning. Red and black grapes are ideal as an evening meal. The high content of iron, copper and manganese makes the grape an excellent producer of haemoglobin. 250ml of grape juice once a day will help prevent secondary anaemia.

Because of the high content of potassium and water, the grape is a diuretic and thus good for kidney disorders. Grapes also stimulate hepatic and glycogenic functions and bile secretion. They also contain an element, similar to insulin, which is helpful in some kinds of diabetes.

Grapes also have a decalcifying effect.

Natural therapeutic effects:

9 demulcent, laxative, cooling, diuretic

Beneficial in the treatment of:

bulletkidney troubles

bulletchronic and acute nephritis


bulletgout, rheumatism and arthritis - dissolve uric acid


For kidney and gall bladder stones, liver and urinary disorders Boil 25g of vine leaves in 250ml of water and reduce to 125ml. Strain and add 25g of misri (Indian sugar candy). Drink every day.

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