has outstanding antiseptic propefties;
heals second and third degree burns without leaving any scar tissue
TASTE: Sweet
ELEMENT: earth

Nutritional value

Honey consists of two kinds of sugar - dextrose and levulose. Dark honeys contain more minerals such as iron, copper and manganese than do light honeys.

Did you know?

Dextrose is very easily absorbed, whereas levulose is absorbed slowly - sometimes it is absorbed through the large intestines.

Honey has the capacity to withdraw moisture from bacteria, causing them to die. But note that you can find these strong antiseptic qualities only in cold-pressed honey that does not contain additives. Heated honey loses its healing effect and can worsen a condition.

Natural therapeutic effects

bulletAntiseptic, tonic

Beneftcial in the treatment of:

bulletathlete's foot - applied directly in between the toes, it can cure in 7-10 days
bulletulcerated surfaces with pus
bulletsevere burns
bulletthroat infections with difficulty in swallowing
bulleteye-troubles such as conjunctivitis, red eyes - dilute 1 teaspoon in a cup of water and insert 2 drops into the eyes with a dropper.

Honey is also used as a laxative and a cough remedy, and to heal scars and restore strength after illness, especially heart disease.

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