highly alkaline; work against arthritis and rheumatism, the raw juice is effective for stomach ulcers
TASTE: Sweet

Nutiritional values:

bulletrich in alkaline salts such as sodium and potassium, but lacking in calcium (therefore needs to balanced with green vegetables)

bulletrich in vitamins A and B

bulletthe skin is rich in chlorogenic acid which prevents cell mutation leading to cancer

Did you know?

The water in which potatoes are boiled contains about 60 per cent of the minerals and should not be thrown away. There is also much goodness in their skins. So see to it that you buy organically grown potatoes, cook them in a way that will retain most of their vitamins, and eat the skins. They are best oven-baked in their jackets.

Raw potato is digestible only when the starch is removed. Grate the potato and squeeze out the starch by hand. Mixed with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and other raw vegetables it makes a most delicious salad.

Natural therapeutic effects: Anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerous

Beneficial in the treatment of:


bulletBright's disease

bulletheart disease


bullethigh blood pressure

bullettooth decay

bulletcyclic vomiting


bullethardening of the arteries

bulletchronic constipation

bulleturic acid diseases and gout

bulletpremature ageing

bulletintestinal toxaemia

bulletrenal calculus

bulletre-storage of synovial fluid

bulletfirst-degree bums

Boiled potato peel is useful for prostate inflammation (make them into a pack) and a potato peel diet is very effective for arthritis.

Caution: Potatoes that have sprouted are poisonous. Throw them away. They contain solanin, which is harmful and should not be eaten. Potatoes should not be kept for too long and should not to be exposed to sunlight.

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