Secrets of Natural Health


"Good health can be achieved by each and every one of us. And the means to achieve it lie within each person, rather than in global remedies and panaceas which, in my view, are dangerous and threaten our collective good health. In so far as each of us has a different constitution, remedies must always be related to individual human beings, adjusted to match each physiology and psychology"

For a generation of people who have attended Doctor Shyam Singha's workshops and clinics, his words have become the gospel on Natural Health. However, since most of his time is taken up with practical work, there has been little time left to spread his words to a wider audience.

Solutions to Common Ailments

This website is designed to remedy the situation. To make available to all with the ability to click a button, the wonderfully unusual approach to health and healing of this eminent physician who studied osteopathy in London, acupuncture in Hong Kong and gained much of his knowledge on nutritional healing living and studying with monks in the Gobi Desert.

Doctor Singha encourages us to see food as medicine, medicine as food and as such, encourages us to discover highly effective therapies from ingredients in our own kitchens and gardens. For example:

Health Tip 1

Onions fight colds, coughs and other problems of the respiratory system

Health Tip 2

Mackerel has anti-aging powers?

Health Tip 3

Cider vinegar helps eliminate cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes?

Health Tip 4

Celery dissolves calcium deposits?

To find out more fascinating facts about various fruits and vegetables and how to treat everything from acne to wrinkles, simply go to Solutions to Common Ailments.

Please order a copy of Doctor Shyam Singha's book "The Secret's of Natural Health" (on which this site is based).